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The Allendale Group Ltd was originally founded in Roydon, Essex, during October 2003 we moved to Impresa Industrial Park, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, and our continued success has now lead us to expand further and into larger premises in Hoddesdon Industrial Centre.

A British company, with a head office and engineering department based in the UK, we source all of our products worldwide, ensuring we can offer competitive prices and the latest technology on the market. 

We offer a wide range of electronic / mechanical tools and equipment for industry professionals, model engineers and hobbyists. 

These include:

- High Grade, long range Wifi Antenna's and equipment for Wireless networking.
- PCB Soldering and rework equipment for the PCB manufacturing industry to the home enthusiast.
- Test Pins and Probes, for the PCB industry helping to facilitate test and manufacturing of electronics.
- Machine Digital Readouts, machine engineering tools and accessories, increasing accuracy and productivity for the industry to the model engineer.
- Machine Tapping, we offer a range of tapping heads and Articulated Arms for fast and reliable tapping for both industrial and model engineers.
- RC-LOG Data logging equipment for radio control hobbyists, for measuring and monitoring their models in flight/race performance.


The Allendale Group Ltd also offer contract offshore manufacture and have an engineering office in China. We specialise in electronic assembly, cable assembly and CNC machined parts, with testing and visual inspection of finished assemblies in our UK facilities.

With our dedicated websites and fully qualified engineering staff, we offer our customers full technical support, and a commitment to providing engineering equipment and services at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

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